About Redding's Accounting & Tax Services - Manhattan, KS

Sonny Redding

Sonny Redding, owner and founder of Redding’s Accounting and Tax Services, was born in Scott City, Kan. and attended Prairie View Dist. 25 elementary school. It was one room with one teacher for all eight grades. After graduating from the eighth grade, Sonny attended Scott Community High School.

After high school, Sonny was drafted by the U.S. Army and spent all of his time on U.S. soil. After being discharged, he attended Kansas State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business.

Sonny went to work for Grace Business and Accounting for seven years after graduation. Next, Sonny went on to Kansas Farm Bureau for 21 years, where he served as the director of accounting and tax. While at Farm Bureau, Sonny designed an accounting program for farmer clients. His department was responsible for accounts in all 105 counties in the state of Kansas.

In 1989, Sonny retired from Kansas Farm Bureau and founded Redding’s Accounting and Tax Services, located in the same office he sits in today.

Sonny enjoys income tax, so let him file yours today.

Elmerene McArthur

Elmerene McArthur, an accountant with Redding's, has worked side by side with Sonny for 25 years and counting. Elmerene is available for appointments and looks forward to working with you.

Logan Redding

We are excited to have Logan Redding as an intern during the 2016 tax season. Logan is attending Kansas State University. He will receive his BS degree in 2017.